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*Wholesale Fossil Lot: 14 Fern Fossils from PA Coal Mine
Description: <br> <table width=740 border=2 bordercolor=#000000 cellpadding=40 cellspacing=0 bgcolor=#2F4F4F align=center background=> <tr> <td> <table width=660 border=2 bordercolor=#000000 cellpadding=20 cellspacing=0 bgcolor=#EEEEEE> <tr> <td> <h2 align=center> Wholesale Bulk Fossil Lot: 14 St. Clair PA Fern Leaf Plant Fossils </h2> <p> <b><br> Sizes Vary from around 4-12 inches and will be similar quality to those pictured.<br> <br> White fronds on black shale excavated from Llewellyn Formation, St.Clair, PA.<br> The ruler pictured is a standard 12 incher<br> Age: Pennsylvanian 300 million years ago<br> <br> Believe it or not, the white colors are natural! It is this exceptional state of preservation that gives the St. Clair, Pennsylvania fossil ferns their great exquisiteness. Its hard to comprehend 100 years, let alone 3 million times that many, but these carboniferous ferns died between 280 and 310 million years ago!<br> <br> These natural wonders fell into a bog where a low temperature, low pressure, oxygen depleted environment evolved the plant tissue into Pyrite. PyrophylliteAluminum Silicate replaced the Pyrite at an ensuing stage, creating the bold, white color. Any orange-ish color was caused naturally by the presence of iron ore. Dozens of plant species are found in these shales, so look closely. Common species include Alethopteris, Neuropteris, Pecopteris, and Sphenophyllum. Seed ferns went completely extinct around 73 million years ago, while the dinosaurs were still around!<br> <br> This fossil would be perfect for anyone interested in geology, paleontology, mineral collecting, fossil collecting, PA coal mine country, coal mining and mines, old ancient artifact collecting, petrified wood, arrowhead collecting,geodes,geode collecting, pyrite, quartz,crystals, crystal collecting, dino print hunting,earth science, prehistoric flora,palaeobotany, wicca, witchcraft, reiki, crystal healing, meteorite collecting, home decorating, home decor, decorative natural display specimens, calamites, calamite stems, sphenopteris, lepidodendron, educational teaching aides, teachers, science teachers, mariopteris, leaves, astrophyllites, sigillaria, fossil plants, geologic activity, dinosaur buffs, did I forget anything?<br> <br>We never paint or touch them up. Nature and time are the artists.<br> <br> Special Thanks to for hosting this listing. GREAT WORK!</b><BR><BR> Please visit our <a href=>webpage</a> for pictures of exact specimens, or contact us and well send some pics </p><br> </td> </tr> </table><br> <br> <center> <font size=2>Counter<br> <img src=><br></font><br> </center> </td> </tr> </table>

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02. June 2020

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