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Imagine that you own a retail store and someone comes to you with the following proposal. They will come in and stock your store. They will supply the cashier and the sales help. You set the prices for all the merchandise in your store. You only pay them the wholesale price after the item is sold. They take all the risk you get all the Reward.

That's a pretty good deal. Your only real expense is the store rent, and utilities. You have no inventory cost. No employee cost. You don't even need to be at the store to manage it because you only pay the wholesale price for items that are rung up at the cash register. If an item falls on the floor and breaks it's not your problem. If someone steals an item it's not your problem. If it is not rung up at the cash register you don't pay.

Does a deal like that really exist? No actually it doesn't exist at least not to my knowledge. If a deal like that did exist you would take it, wouldn't you? Actually a deal that is much better then that does exist.

It is called drop shipping. Imagine you have an online store with over 90,000 items to sell. You pick the item you want to sell, the Sales page with photo's, shopping cart description is automatically created you for you. The Buyer pays you directly. After you have been paid you send payment to the drop shipper with instructions on what to ship and where. Now imagine that the sales page existed on Ebay you wouldn't even need a website or an online store. Could it get easier then that.

Article by Mike Makler
23. May 2022

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Online Auctions Tips, Hints, Articles, Tutorials
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